Creatiereis Sardinië - Co-creëer een Unieke vakantie | Tri of Light

Co-creating Trip to Sardinia


Create an unique experience together

Stay near one of the Blue Zones

Share an adventure

Join in and meet us on this magical island

"I feel complete ​and transformed, I returned home with lots of new energy. It was amazing to connect with these likeminded souls" - Jetske

Unique Concept

The ultimate way of hanging out and synchronizing with your fellow free souls at the same time

Together we can create the daily activities like Yoga, Historical Sightseeing, Drum circle and many other free expressions are possible. 

By sharing your talents, lifestyle or passion you give a most valuable piece of who you are. It's going to be an amazing experience seeing everybody's essence up close. 

One trip and a life time of inspiration!

It's a complete co-creation, that means lots of room for alone time, inspiring workshops, meditation or endless filosophies beneath the bright starlit sky. 

You are invited to Be the most authentic You.

*Word je liever door ons begeleidt tijdens je verblijf? Bekijk hier onze reizen en retraîtes​

"We all have something within us

the world needs"

Accommodation Sardinia

* Two bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms (depending on the number of guests)

* Garden and terrace with panoramic seaside view

* Share a bedroom with two 2personsbed(3 rooms available) or crash on the bedsofa(3 available)

Click here to see more pictures and location info


    • Entirely a group-creation!
    • Many excursion possibillities due to the  Spiritual Travelling Agency we work with (enneagram workshops, diving, mountainbiking, tour to the Energy Healing grounds and more)
    • Cooking together and sharing recepies, teaching eachother new ways of (eco)living or other valuable and conscious skills
    • Sharing a rental car (optional)

For who?

Are you ready for an adventure of a Lifetime? Are you OpenMinded and curious to learn?

Do you feel at home in the most natural surroundings and can't you wait to explore more of this world?

 Ready to download the higher vibrations this island guarenteedly will give you?

In touch with your authentic Self? Or are you ready to Learn more about YourSelf?

Who am I?

Artistic, Creator, Mother, Free Spirit, Amber, Spiritual Student and Teacher, Teaching theatre and Yoga

While combining my two most thriving desires I've discovered this incredible possibility in creating this Trip!

  • Bringing passionate free souls together
  • Synchronizing with likeminded and co-creating

My Life revolves around Passion and Creation. Dit This year I have begun to manifest so many awesome concepts. With all my heart and soul I feel free like a bird while living the life I've dreamed of. My impulsive 'Give me More of Life' mindset is like creating fuel for coming up with these crazy ideas that I actualy try out.

What I've discovered I want to share! I will welcome and host your stay and give a little piece of my own manifestingteachings to intertwine with your co-creation!

Check this Blue Zone of your BucketList and bring your positive addition to your fellow life adventurers.

  Give abundantly and receive it multiplied!

Things that excite you are not random, they are connected to your Soul Purpose


Grow by experiencing!

Share your talents and life experience. Authenticity is beauty!

Bring your amazing self 

co create an amazing life-experience

No minimum or maximum ppl to stay here, just a rent to be covered.

*From experience the trip is always the correct amount of people.

Co-Creation Trip

september 2017


oktober 2017


free to fill in the length and date of your stay (in co-creation)

"From the beginning to the end you are literaly on a trip together, wich can be confronting, like a mirror. But it's magical and unifying most of all!" - Myrthe

What will I (Amber) bring to the table?

    • This awesome location! And an overview of options (workshops, excursions, rental car)
    • I will host your stay and make a concept programbook. Next to that I will also share in my way of life by giving a workshop or masterclass

Ready? Set? Join!

After Summer

Co-creating madness

September / October 2017

After summer Italian style!

Follow your ​Heart and click the button!

Early Summer

Co-creating vibes

April / May 2018

Enjoy the mediterian temperatures 

Follo​w your intuition and dare to be amazed!

**You want to go by plain? Book to OLBIA airport! Otherwise the pick up will be difficult. 

* You want to go by car or bike? We can pick you up from Olbia!

Price between € 240,00 and € 450,00 p.p. depending of how many people and the wishes of the group

"When it feels right act on it, that's like adding oxygen to a starting fire"

After you booked:

    • You get an invite to chat with everybody that joins the trip
    • I will personaly contact you
    • You fill out a form where you can motivate your desire to join
    • describe your passions/way of life/creative input
    • other helpful information you want to share
    • wether you have a driverslicense and/or a desire to roadtrip

This trip will be created by all of our loving intentions, your conscious desicion to join and the value of your fellow adventurers and the universe! 


Any questions? Find your possible question and answer here

How do I get in contact with my fellow travellers/free souls?

I booked, now what?

What is Synchronizing?

What do you mean by Co-creating?

What exactly is Amber's part in all of this?

I arrive in Sardinia, Then what?

Why this trip?

What to do in North-Sardinia?

I have more questions, where do I send them?

Starting to feel the lovely Good vibes?

 Join in on this once in a lifetime experience!


& hope to see you on the other side of the ocean

In love and creation,

Amber - Tri of Light

NOTE: this co-creating trip is not for people looking for cheap accommodations, only for who have valid motivations and intentions to share in authenticness and openminded adventure.